William Brooks

Vermont Associate | Grafton Office

Grafton Office

39 Pleasant Street
PO Box 187
Grafton, VT 05146

Email Phone: 802-843-2390 Fax: 802-843-2385

About William

orn and raised in the suburbs of NYC, it wasn’t any too soon for me to head north and to transplant myself in VT with the intent of enjoying a more ‘down to earth’ and finer quality of life. Having graduated from Wesleyan University in 1971, with a BA in Art and English, and then receiving an MAT at UMass in Amherst in 1974, (and after having attempting to make a living in the art world, doing wood sculpture and photography), I decided to try making fine furniture and cabinets and jumped right in. I’ve been crafting ever since.

During my journey, there’s been many a home that I have either renovated or restored, or for which I’ve provided fine woodwork, cabinetry and furniture. But in 1991, having lived many years as a semi-recluse, I realized it was necessary to find another profession that would allow me to relate more with people and open my relationship to the world…one that would complement my first profession. Real Estate was the answer and I’ve been in sales ever since. After becoming a resident of Grafton in 1996, my practice of real estate expanded and over the years, my sales experience has included numerous properties listed and sold all over southern VT, specializing in antique and historic country homes, large estates as well as homes of unique character. I’ve also gotten pretty adept at wearing two hats, and though I love what I do, and my work week is typically all 7 days, I have to say, there’s  still nothing better than flinging a fly up river.