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Welcome to Springfield, a small town with a passion for all that is homegrown and community-oriented, perfect for anyone looking to live the country lifestyle with city amenities available! Downtown you’ll find many flourishing businesses and rental opportunities, but also countless great neighborhoods extending to the outskirts making it easy to find the right one for you. Laundromats, a grocery store, and public transport in town also make this area a great choice for anyone in search of easier access to necessities. Enjoy the surrounding nature and several scenic locations nearby allowing for outdoor recreation at your fingertips. 


You may spend your days hiking Mount Ascutney, fishing at the boat landing, picking apples at Wellwood Orchard, and snowshoeing at the North Springfield Dam. Home of The Simpsons, the oldest amatuer telescope making club in the US (Stellafane), the oldest one-room schoolhouse in VT, and more, history is waiting for discovery around every corner. There are also two gyms, tennis courts, sports fields, and parks all available to community members! The largest and most entrepreneurial of the 4 towns our offices are located in, Springfield has ample opportunity for you to make your mark, meet new people, and expand your career opportunities.


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