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Barrett & Valley Associate Inc has a fabulous presence in the primary and secondary home markets. Our agents work with buyers from across the street to across the world with recent buyers from Chicago IL, Greenwich CT, Manhattan NY, Norwood New Jersey, and Honolulu Hawaii as well as buyers from Canada, Germany and India.

Barrett & Valley Associates Inc. sells hundreds of homes each year. Our agents are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are experts in our markets. We are here to walk you through the process to a successful sale.

As your listing agent we will have the same set of priorities as you; to sell your home as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. A well-executed marketing plan coupled with market sensitive pricing will help us accomplish that goal.

While 'location, location, location' have always been the buzz words in the real estate industry the words to selling a home in Vermont today are PRICE, CONDITION, and EXPOSURE.

PRICE. Any location or condition can be overcome with the proper price, so PRICE plays the major role. Inventory is high and to compete in this market you must have the correct price. Properly priced homes usually sell quickly in any market. Our agents will prepare a market analysis that will assist you in setting a realistic listing price.

CONDITION. Buyers today are accustomed to 'instant gratification', unless they are buying a “project home” or “bargain” they want a turnkey home. Most buyers do not have the time or the want to make technical or cosmetic repairs. The CONDITION of your home is second only to Price. Again, inventory is high and your home will be competing with many others. Only homes priced properly for their condition will sell quickly. Also, recent studies show that 80% of all buyers begin their search online, this means the first impression is no longer at the front door but as photographs on a site with hundreds of other homes. Take photos of your home and look at them on your computer, are the colors soothing, do they flow from room to room? Is there visual clutter than can be boxed and stored until the move? These are important issues that our knowledgeable agents will help you with.

EXPOSURE. This is where we come in. Once we have a well-priced home that is in sales condition we will give it the EXPOSURE. Marketing exposure of a well-priced home in good condition to the maximum number of buyers is what sells homes. Our marketing plan will ensure that your property will be seen by the maximum number of buyers. Call us today for a confidential, no obligation market analysis.

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