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Why Buy Now?

Why Buy Now?

  • Although a home is shelter in its most basic form it is also a proven long term investment.
  • Abnormal swings in recent years have changed the market, low interest rates and stabilized prices do attract many buyers to our area.
  • Lessons learned during the housing bust have almost eliminated risky mortgage products.
  • The desire to own a home has not diminished by the down turn in our industry.
  • Pride of ownership and commitment to community continue to enhance our towns and villages.
  • Most home owners enjoy stable housing costs with a fixed rate mortgage while typical rents increase at a rate of 3% per year.
  • Studies show that homeowners may feel more in control of their lives.
  • Home equity contributes to a homeowners net worth.
  • Social benefits of homeownership include: educational achievement, health benefits, civic participation and lowered crime rates.

*Stats taken from NAR in April 2011

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